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Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia


People say passion comes hand in hand with what we humans are infatuated with. Not just passion, but as well as commitment, determination and the will to succeed. In other words, “I discovered that while many photographers think alike when it comes to equipment and chemistry, there are seldom two who agree on anything when it comes to what constitutes a good image”. ( Peter Adams - Lenswork - Feb-Mar 2002, page 60).
As for me, it is more than that. I see things differently. I see things through a different perspective, especially when I am behind my lenses. Life becomes more bizarre, people are not able to relive moments that were captured and it is not just about a man who captures photographs. As a “discupulus” of Photography and Creative Media, each photograph taken tells a different story. And in each story, there is a connection between human interaction and interpretation, evaluation, description and much more from the eyes of the beholder.


We are a service based company, experts in the field of photography & videography for fashion ,bridal, production and design. We strive to always deliver the best for our clients and are always just a few steps ahead of trend in terms of creativity in order to produce one of a kind products.

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Tel: +60 178844225



No 2A, Jalan N U8/N, Bukit Jelutong 

40150, Shah Alam

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